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And HOW Do I Do This?

  • Back In The Game 8 Week 1:1 Program

    You’ll go through the complete cycle of getting over your ex, finding your identity & getting back into the dating game with massive confidence. Work with me either face to face in Goulburn, NSW or online through Facebook video chat for for weekly live lessons. This also includes 24/7 Messenger support AND bonus access to my signature program, Manifest Like A Mofo. BOOK A CONSULT ON THE FORM BELOW

  • Rich, Wild & Free Monthly Mastermind

    Join the Rich, Wild & Free Mastermind. A monthly subscription to help you sort through your emotions from the break up, love yourself again and create an epic life. You get monthly lesson videos, group support and a monthly group call. COMING SOON!

  • Manifest Like A Mofo 6 Week Program

    Manifest Like A Mofo dives DEEP into your psyche to unblock limiting beliefs that stop you from attracting money, love, health & happiness … and teaches you how to think, feel & behave so you can get the results you so badly want. You get 6 x video modules, worksheets & group support. BOOK A CONSULT ON THE FORM BELOW

  • Tours/Retreats To Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Australia & SE Asia

    Join me for the time of your life where we combine adventure touring with life changing workshops. Tours & retreats vary from 5-21 days & are announced throughout the year.

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See What My Clients Have to Say

  • I paid psychs $300/hr to correct my thinking and nothing worked until I spoke to you. I've got a lot of shit to drag out but you set the wheels in motion to take the pressure down.
    Chris F, Port Hedland, WA
  • I wish I knew what I'm putting out in the universe. Because I'm being bombarded with messages from ladies everywhere.
    Rodney S, Forbes, NSW
  • I don't mean to sound corny, but you were like a guardian angel! Your timing was perfect. I badly needed help and I was spiraling out of control and you put me back on track.
    Jai H, Brisbane, QLD
  • Just finished Module 2 and I am like crying. And I hate crying ... sucker punch why don't ya! It's good good good deep stuff.
    Jannie Mitzeiko Harvey, Boise, Illinois
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