In 2009 I started Edge of Attraction as a Date Coaching service for guys. I'd take them out in Canberra, build their confidence & teach them how to interact with and get dates with women.

From then on I was HOOKED on helping people with confidence & the way they relate to each other. I studied pick up artists, persuasion techniques and how to powerfully meet & attract the opposite sex.

But not only that, I've spent 11 years studying human behaviour including Neuro Linguistic Programming (I'm a Master Practitioner), the sciences of everyday thinking and happiness, Law of Attraction, Success Mindset, Neuroscience, Emotional Freedom Technique and scrutinized my own motivations, manipulations, insecurities, fears and what makes me operate the way I do.

I also taught interpersonal skills, communication, mindset and life skills as a corporate & job skills trainer.

Like you, I've had my heart stomped all over. And with each experience I got stronger & stronger in mind, body & spirit to be my best self.

Because I don't believe you HAVE to be with someone to be happy. You have to be happy in yourself ~ and THIS is what I focus on.

I work with you, the individual. I help you understand what went wrong in your relationship so you don't do it again. Then I empower you to transform into someone who can pick & choose what they want out of life.

Rut to Reinvention became about the break up to hook up cycle because 80% of my clients were coming out of a break up. They'd lost their power and needed to regain control, clarity and confidence in their lives again.

Some were ready to date straight away, others wanted to enjoy being on their own for a while.

So it goes full circle. With helping you clear the heartbreak & move on to mastering life to attracting someone new ... but in a timeframe that suits you.

Ains 🙂


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